Style Files #10 | Oversized Blazer Trend

Style Files #10 | Oversized Blazer Trend

The oversized blazer trend. You either love it or hate it. 

I for one, am all for the trend. After seeing social media explode over the trend the past couple of months, I got an itching for my own oversized blazer. Enter my one-stop shop for everything: Goodwill. I have found all of the current trends I have been wanting to try out this year at my local Goodwill or Clothes Mentor - which has been fantastic. Anyhow, I was able to locate my very own oversized blazer at Goodwill last weekend during their big 50% off sale. 


what i'm wearing | oversized blazer [Express via Goodwill] | jumper [Jeanne Pierre via Goodwill] | jeans [American Eagle via Goodwill] | satchel cross-body [Wilson's Leather via Goodwill] | oxford shoes [born shoes via Goodwill] | tassel necklace [Target]

This morning I was debating the several ways I could wear my blazer, but eventually decided upon wearing a camel-toned jumper - mostly for the warmth as winter has arrived in full-force to Indiana. Then going with the collegiate style look, I opted for my oxford shoes [with thick socks] and satchel cross-body bag [which btw, is real leather. Say what?!?]. Then to dress the look down just a tad, I grabbed my distressed jeans to complete the look. The crazy thing is, that this entire look cost me under twenty bucks. This folks, is why I have come to adore thrifting - it is perfect for this broke fashionista who loves to play around with fashion.