Summer 2017 Haircare Favorites

Summer 2017 Haircare Favorites

I don't do a lot with my hair, as I like to keep it simple with very little steps or care. Especially since I have to keep my hair up most of the time working at Starbucks. 


I've been testing out some new shampoos and conditioner the past two months, and I'm in-love with some new brands for my hair! I also have some old-time favorites on my list from It's A 10 and Sexy Hair

  • BurgatiShampoo, Conditioner, & Leave-In Conditioner -- I was recently sent these to test out from the brand, and I must say, I seriously love them! They bring out my natural curl/waves more than another hair product that I have tried out. I don't use the conditioner & leave-in conditioner together every time I wash my hair, otherwise my hair will get oily too fast, and I like to only wash my hair once a week.  
  • Dessange Paris | Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo -- When I have lots of product build-up in my hair, or my hair is on the oily side I will wash my hair with this shampoo first, before following up with the Burgati one. 
  • Living Proof | Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo -- This stuff is amazing, yet expensive. So I only treat myself to this dry shampoo when I have an extra discount and/or Ulta Beauty points saved up. 
  • It's A 10 | Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin -- I use this leave-in spray whenever I don't use the Burgati leave-in conditioner. The spray helps keep my hair soft, cuts down on frizz, and helps keep my hair look nicer longer. 
  • Sexy Hair | Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play -- I only use hairspray when I use a curling iron to curl my hair, which can be once a week, to once every few weeks. Crazy story. I have been working on this can of hairspray since the Autumn of 2013. Yeah, I seriously don't go through hairspray that much.

What products/brands do you love for your hair?

Let me know, down in the comments.