Ladurée Macaroons | London Adventure

Ladurée Macaroons | London Adventure

For a number of years now, I had been dying to visit a Ladurée shop/cafe and taste their macarons. 

It didn't work for me visit one of their locations in New York City this past March, so I made it my mission to visit a location when I was visiting London. Now I have only ever had the frozen macarons from Trader Joe's, so this was a fun special treat.  


I found a tiny little pop-in-and-out Laduree shop on Piccadilly Street, to pick up a delicious box of eight macarons in various [safe] flavors, on one of my days that I was just exploring the city and doing a little window shopping. 

I say safe flavors, because I opted for vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and mint. How basic can one be? But since they are a special, expensive treat I wanted to pick flavors I would be sure to love - I do wish I had opted for one fun flavor though. Oh well, there is always next time. 

My Thoughts on the Flavors

  • Vanilla - This would have to be my number one favorite. It had just the right amount of vanilla without being too overpowering. Defiantly would purchase again. Flavor is somewhat similar to a vanilla bean frappuccino, but more posh and not quite as sweet. 
  • Mint - My second favorite flavor. The only reason it isn't number one, is because the mint flavor is strong. I could only handle the mint it in small doses, as I'm unused to my mint products to taste so strongly of real mint leaves. 
  • Coffee - The coffee one was delicious, and I can only imagine how amazing it would pair with a latte. 
  • Chocolate - One thing I quickly learned while in the UK is that their chocolate isn't as sweet as in the States [even their Kit Kats are different]. So those who love a bit more bit in their chocolate, would really love these macarons as they aren't too sweet for being chocolate. 

Overall I would purchase these again, and hopefully I won't be fighting a cold while enjoying them next time. 

What are your favorite macaron flavors?