Spring Fashion Vibes // #SS18

Spring Fashion Vibes // #SS18

I seriously can't wait for Spring weather to arrive to Indiana. Of course, Spring is very bipolar here in Indiana. One week we will have 60 degree weather, next it will be in the 30s and snowing. You just never know what kind of weather you will get hit with.

My inspiration for Spring of 2018 is a mix NYC/LA Cool Girl vibes, with a dash of Southern Belle charm. 

Currently I'm really into the distressed jeans with silky cami's, and chunky cardigans or jackets look. But I'm also really into the basic tees with cool jackets, paired with either skinny jeans or boyfriend style jeans. Just give me all the JACKETS!!!

Wish List

  • I would love to own more silky camp's, as I only own one black one from Target [last year]. I would love to own like a dusty pink, burgundy, and perhaps a grey. 
  • New Sandals. Not sure of the style yet, but I would like them to be in the color: cognac. 
  • White Tees. I was going through all of my tee shirts the other day, and I discovered that all of my white tees are heavily stained. Oops. Guess it is time for some new ones. 
  • Brown Leather Bomber Jacket. My trusty bomber jacket has bit the dust, so it is officially time to locate a new one. 

What are y'all loving for Spring?