Style Files #1 | Rooftop Adventure in Indy

Style Files #1 | Rooftop Adventure in Indy

what I'm wearing: sweater jacket [Goodwill] | turtleneck [GAP] | necklace [Charming Charlie] | skinny jeans [Madewell] | lipstick [NYX in Soft Spoken] | earrings [Francescas]


This autumn I've found some amazing things at my favorite local Goodwill here in Indy. One of my best purchases and finds has been this sweater jacket, that I randomly found in the wrong section. Another plus? I think this sweater was homemade, as their is no traces that this from any store. #homemadeforthewin Since owning this sweater, I have been able to post-pone wearing a winter coat until this weekend, when it suddenly become too cold for just a thick sweater. 

Anyhow, this sweater goes with just about any outfit from jeans, skirts, and dresses. Another plus about this sweater is the huge pockets it has, perfect for holding my iPhone and car keys when out running errands.