NYC Vibes | Style Inspiration

NYC Vibes | Style Inspiration

Hello, lovelies! I'm going to NYC in March with my mom & two of my sisters in just seven weeks, so I kinda need to get somewhat of an idea of what I want to pack. I kinda like to plan out in advance what I want to bring in a look book filled with the vibe I want to create for the trip, so I don't over pack when the time comes to pack.


There won't be any room for overpacking this trip, as we will be flying and only taking a carry-on each + our purses. So packing light is a must. 

I'm thinking a good pair of jeans, one or two dresses, and maybe a skirt. Then again I might just go with a pair of jeans + one dress, with tops and sweaters to mix and match between the two. I'm only going to be gone for five days, so it isn't like I'm going to be needing a lot. 

The vibe I'm leaning towards for the trip is a classic/cool girl vibe. You can see all of my inspirational pictures on my Pinterest board, located here. Lots of denim, leather, little boots, and interesting textures are all included in this vibe. 

Before the trip I'm hoping to purchase a new pair of riding boots, that is if I can find a good pair for a nice price that are real leather. I was hoping to purchase the Tory Burch Sidney Boot, but they are already sold out of my size [again], especially since they are an additional 30% off right now. Any good riding boot recommendations that are in a similar style? 

NYC Beauty Look

For my beauty look, I'm thinking: clean & glow-y, with tones of brown, gold, rose, and burgundy. So I'll have to look through my makeup collection for products that will be small and handy to fly with that are within those tones, but I do already know of some products that will be making the trip. 

When it gets closer to the trip, I will have to do a post [or video] sharing what I end up bringing for both fashion & beauty. Also, if you have any NYC recommendations feel free to share them with me!