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Styling Madewell Flea Market Flare Jeans

FashionAshleyFashion, Madewell
Styling Madewell Flea Market Flare Jeans

I went shopping for some new riding boots today at my favorite local consignment shop, Simply Chic, and Nordstrom Rack.

Unfortunately, the boots I found were either a half-size too big, or $100 over my set budget of what I was willing to spend at this time.   

Since I wasn't having any luck finding a pair of riding boots, I started browsing through the clothing clearance racks. It was then that I stumbled crossed these amazing Madewell Flea Market Flare Jeans: Sailor Edition in Lucy Wash marked down from $135 to $27. #score


I love that these jeans are high-waisted, fit like a dream, and have a strong 70s vibe. I feel like these are something that Mandy Moore's character would wear in the television show, This Is Us [fantasic show, btw]. Anyhow I wanted to share four ideas for styling these jeans incase y'all have a pair in your closet, or at least a pair in a similar style. 

1. Striped Tees -- For a truly classic look opt for a striped tee. Pair the look with some heeled little boots. 

2. Boho Style Tops -- Go all out 70s with a boho styled blouse. For a dressy option, add some chunky heels. 

3. Basic Tees -- There are several options to pair with the basic tee. You could throw on a long sweater vest [kind like the ones from the 90s that Rachel Greene wears on FRIENDS] and some strappy heels for a 90s vibe. Another option is to pair a simple necklace and some cool little cutout boots for a simple, yet edgy look. 

4. Plaid Button-up -- Go for the lumberjack look. Pair a plaid button-up with some classic styled little boots, and perhaps a Kendra Scott "Elisa" necklace.  

How would y'all style these jeans?

Let me know down in the comments.