NYC // The Sights & Food in Five Days

NYC // The Sights & Food in Five Days

Hello, everyone. Today I'm going to finally be sharing a day-by-day overview of what I did in NYC back in March. YASSSS! 

NYC // Day One -- The day started off super early, as our flight to Newark was at 6AM. The good thing was that our flight ended up being twenty minutes quicker, as the wind blew us all the way there. Bad news, because of the wind their was a lot of turbulence when it came time to land and me & my Mom started feeling very air sick. Apparently, we turned very white [and I'm already pale]. Once we landed, we took some time to recover and rest before heading on with our adventure to NYC. That turned out to be a very smart idea, as the airTrain at Newark Airport was down, and we went on a confusing trip around the airport in buses trying to find the New Jersey Transit Station. Thankfully, we found a very helpful lady who was working at the airport, who helped all of us confused travelers trying to find the train station. We are indebted to her. 

We eventually made it to Penn Station in New York City. Which btw, is underneath Madison Square Garden -- never knew that. As we walked out of the station I almost pinched myself, 'cause I had finally made it to New York City and the whole city was in front of me. We walked the several blocks to our hotel, Residence Inn -- Times Square, to check in early & drop-off our suitcases. Even though it was only 11AM when we checked in, it felt like we had already lived our entire day. 

Our next stop was Whole Foods for lunch, which happened to be across from Bryant Park, so we took our food to the tables in the park. We took this time to collect our thoughts and make plans of what we wanted to see & explore. We saw glimpses of Times Square from where we were sitting, so we decided to go see Times Square, Richard Rogers Theater, and do some shopping before picking up dinner to eat back at the hotel. 

I stopped in at Sephora to use my VIB 10% off coupon on a mini Laura Mercier Powder & a Sephora Paper Mask [my fav!] to use that evening. I also visited Dough Doughnuts [it was alright, nothing too amazing] for an afternoon snack and ended up having Shake Shack for dinner. Yum.

NYC // Day Two -- Our second day in NYC was spent in the Upper East Side. We walked up Sixth Avenue and through Central Park to see the following: NBC Studios, Radio City Music Hall, Fox News, Gapstow Bridge, Wollman Rink, The Mall, Bethesda Fountain & Terrace, The Loeb Boathouse, Hans Christian Anderson Statue, and the Alice in Wonderland Statue on our way to explore The MET for the rest of the day. This is also the day, where my new shoes started hurting my feet and the pain eventually went up my leg and into my back for the rest of the trip. #notfun

The MET was colossal. The rooms were filled with so many great works of art from around the world. The Ancient Egypt area was one of my favorite sections of the museum. They had so many artifacts, and I overheard one of the tour guides talking and they said, what we saw was only the tip of the iceberg of what they have. My reaction? What the heck is left in Egypt, if they have all of this and every other museum seems to have so much too.  

On our way back to our hotel we took Fifth Avenue, that way we could see all of the big department stores & designer shops like: Tiffany & Co., Versace, Burberry, Bergdorf Goodman, etc... Once we got back to the area for our hotel, we picked up dinner at the nearby Chipolte to then crash in our hotel room.  

NYC // Day Three -- Ah. Today was a big day. We started off the day visiting FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] to visit two of their current exhibits: Black Fashion Designers & Paris Refashioned, 1957-1968. Afterwards we headed over to President Theodore Roosevelt's BirthPlace, which ironically, isn't the original building as it was torn down not too long after President Teddy Roosevelt had died. Once we had finished with the house tour, we kept heading down towards The Strand Bookstore & GeorgeTown Cupcakes in SOHO. Along the way we stopped into a Starbucks Reserve store [I only ordered a chai latte, boring I know], Whole Foods Market, and went to Hu Foods for lunch. My sisters loved Hu Foods, but it really wasn't my cup of tea.  

Sadly, my biggest remembrance from the day was: it was cold, windy, and I was in pain from all the walking.  

NYC // Day Four -- Sunday was super cold! Since it was sooo cold and we were heading down to DUMBO, Brooklyn first, we started out our day by taking the Subway all the way down. After getting a little turned around coming out of the station, we pulled out our Google Maps and quickly found our way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. On our way we saw the Etsy headquarters & spotted a coffee shop we wanted to check out on our way back. As we rounded the corner and the bridge came into sight, I started to get really excited as I've loved this bridge for years and I was finally seeing the Brooklyn Bridge in person. Yeah, I have a thing for certain bridges, skyscrapers, buildings, and statues. Once we got to the park we were able to see the bridge, the Manhattan Skyline, and the Statue of Liberty.

Once we were thoroughly cold to the bone, we headed over to the BlueLane Coffee shop where I found my favorite Chai Latte of the trip. Once we all had our coffees and chai we went up to SOHO for lunch at, Springbone Kitchen by taking the Subway [our lifesaver of the day]. After lunch we walked back to Midtown to head back to our hotel, see the Empire State Building, and I made a pit stop at Birch Coffee to try out their chai latte [it was only okay, their cups & location was cool though]. For dinner me and my sister, Hanne-col had, Don Antonio. Oh. My. Goodness. Their pizza was a little pricy, but oh, so worth it!  

NYC // Day 5 -- Our final day. We tried to pack in as many iconic New York spots within walking distance from our hotel that morning. We walked to see the Chrysler Building, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Pursing Square, Radio City, Carnegie Hall, The Rockefeller Building, Columbus Circle, Central Park, Times Square, and the New York Public Library. Once it got close to 11:30AM, we splited up to grab lunch before heading back to the hotel to pack up our stuff. I opted for Chick-Fil-a, as I didn't want Whole Foods or Chipotle, again.

After picking up lunch I walked back to our hotel to do the finishing touches of my packing: like my liquids, packing away my small purse and filling up my tote purse, and changing into my sweater dress over jeans (it didn't fit in my carry-on -- too bulky). At around 1pm we checked out of the hotel and walked to PENN Station to take the NJ transit train to the airport. Once we arrived at the airport Station, we were excited to see that their airTrain was finally working. YESSSSS!!! We arrived several hours early, so we could get through security before the rush, and so we could relax and charge our devices before our flight at 8PM.

All in all it was a fun and relaxing trip for all of us and we can't wait to visit NYC again, someday.