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London Fashion from an American View

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London Fashion from an American View

London Fashion // September 2017

I've been meaning to share my thoughts on the fashion differences between London and the United States with y'all for a while now. I wrote most of this post while stuck on the Tube between West Kensington & Earls Court Station, during a situation on the line [their words] for about thirty odd minutes one morning.  


The street fashion in London is different from what can be seen in America. There is a unique look about London. Everyone appears to have a bit of a classic, polished, yet even a touch of a vintage vibe to their personal look.

Converse, Chelsea Boots, and Adidas are all popular shoes of choice in London. Riding boots aren't very common, I only saw a few women wearing them during the time of the year that I was visiting [September] -- unlike how in America, if it was the temperature it was in London [high-50s-to-mid 60s], every basic white girl would be pulling out her: jeans, flannels, riding boots, and puffer vest or utility jacket. This look was unseen about London. Londoners seem to prefer their cutesy novelty prints over a flannel like in the States. You will instead find various women from all ages and walks of life wearing blouses with either: flowers, open weave checks, or cutesy/whimsical animal prints with their skinny jeans.

Coats make a major fashion statement over across the pond. They come in various weights, colors, and cuts. Some people are wearing the timeless pea coats, others a classic trench coat, still others are wearing black leather jackets, oversized jean jackets, while there are also still the occasional puffer coat to be found in London -- it is just in a more flattering and slimming cut.

That is another thing, everyone looks well tailored, as their clothes fit them well -- not tight, but well-fitted. Even those who's style leans more to the bohemian look is still wearing well-fitted clothing. There is hardly a person who looks sloppy. 

The latest runway looks are more common to be seen on the street in London. Like sheer blouses with silk camisoles underneath -- not unlike what our ancestors wore during the Edwardian era. Some will pair their tops with pleated skirts (all the rage over here), others with high waisted jeans, while still others with wide legged trousers. This is one trend that hasn't become very popular in the States, but the Londoners are rocking it well.


Colored trousers are another big thing here -- pink, red, bright blue, of course, there are also your traditional colors too: black and navy being the most popular. Another thing, most of the trousers are in the wide legged cut -- which looks amazing on the Londoner women. 

Jumpers (sweaters) reign all powerful. Every girl and chap has one, either worn paired with a leather jacket over it, or worn over a button down. Their colors range from all over the rainbow [both bright & pastel], and down to your basic neutral colors.

Embroidered clothing is another popular item here. You will find embroidery featured on jeans, jackets, blouses, and even on their handbags.

The biggest print over here is definitely hands-down floral! Every fashion item seems to be available in floral. You also have all of the Cath Kinston floral prints, which is a popular brand in the UK. 


Scarves are still going strong across the Pond. I feel like scarves are slowly fading from the US fashion front -- but have no signs of fading over in London. Scarves are staples to have in one's wardrobe in London, especially with the changing weather from day-to-day.

Another thing I discovered quickly while in London, the fashion & beauty trends differ from those in America. Like hardly anyone wears bold lipstick, only teenagers wore full on glam makeup, ladies over there go for a more fresh face with little to no makeup on. Hair isn't as polished, it is more lived in or pulled back into a low ponytail. Fresh & simple is their beauty game.

Surprising fact, brows aren't as important in London -- I had never seen so many natural brows than I did in my time in London.

In America, we are obsessed with looking perfect and like we stepped out of a magazine or movie set in Hollywood. Seeing a woman in a full face of makeup is a common thing here in the States, along with her perfect hollywood curled hair, and on-point brows. Yet, the ladies in London don't look like "they don't care", instead they look polished and posh in the way they dress. It is all very inspiring.