My Flight Essentials

Snacks // I like having a bunch of snacks with me when I fly, especially for longer flights. Some of my favorite things to pack into my carry-on bag is the following: mini beef sticks, gummy bears, m&m’s, sunflower seeds, etc... 

Facial Toner Spray // My skin gets dry rather quickly when I'm flying, so I like to keep a mini spray bottle filled with my favorite facial toner in my liquids bag. It helps keep my skin feel fresh and moisturized with all of the dry cabin air that flying can sadly provide.  

Favorite TV Show // One of my favorite pastimes to do whilst flying is watching episodes of my favorite television shows on either my iPad or iPhone. When I was flying to-and-back from London last year, my television show of choice was Psych [anyone else a fan?]. 

Good Music Playlist // When I first board the plan and I'm in my seat waiting for takeoff, I like to calm my nerves by listening to a playlist that I have created for the trip. Yes, I am the type of person who creates a playlist around the locations I will be visiting.  

Lip Balm // I once went on a flight without my lip balm, and lips nearly died with the agony. So the next time I flew I made sure that I had at LEAST two lip balm products in my bag. 

Ginger Capsules // I tend to get air sick, especially if there is any turbulence or even if I look out of the window too long. So to help combat that, I take some ginger capsules about twenty minutes before boarding as it helps calm my stomach. I will also sip on some ginger ale during the flight, along with plenty of water.  

What are some of your flight essentials?