Autumn Fashion Vibes // #FW18/19

Autumn Fashion Vibes // #FW18/19

Hello, y'all! August is here, so I feel like it is the perfect time to start thinking about my autumn wardrobe. Especially since I shop secondhand for my clothes, it gives me more time to be on the lookout for pieces I am on the hunt for the upcoming season. 

If y'all can't tell. I am feeling the brown tones with a pop of burgundy and rust orange for autumn this year. I also am really liking suede skirts [don't really know if I can find one to fit me], paired with an oversized tee or sweater.

Trends for Autumn I Want To Include in My Wardrobe   

  • Animal Prints -- I already have a leopard print belt [even if it is fading, cause I have worn it almost everyday for like maybe two years], and my favorite leopard print flats from Target. But I think it would be cool to perhaps test out some leopard print little boots or loafers.   
  • Tweed -- I definitely will be pulling out my tweed blazers that I own this year. I have one that is fitted, and one that is slightly oversized in the classic boyfriend style -- both perfect for pairing 
  • Checks -- I already have a ton of checks in my wardrobe, as they have been a staple for my wardrobe already for years, so I have no need to really purchase any more.  

Wish List

  • Brown Bomber Jacket -- I still haven't found the perfect bomber jacket to replace the one I had to throw out earlier this year. Like I've mentioned before, I really want it to look like a World War Two bomber jacket, mostly because that is the style I prefer. 
  • Puffer Vest -- I have been on the hunt for one for awhile now, but I always find them in a size to small, or way to big at either consignment shops or Goodwill. I would love for the vest to be in a herringbone print, but we will shall see. 
  • Cashmere Jumpers -- At one point I had several cashmere jumpers, but unfortunately they all sneaked into the dryer! Which is sad, since they were all found at Goodwill and were J. Crew, and they were broken in [in a good way]. Here is to hoping I can find replacements in either a size Medium or Large.   

What are y'all loving for Autumn?