How To Style: Knit Dresses

How To Style: Knit Dresses

I love a good knit dress. It can be in a solid basic color, striped, floral, or lace, doesn't matter as there is a high chance that I will live in that dress. Some of my all time favorite ones are from, Old Navy. They fit me well, just need to size-up [for some added length], also their dresses will shrink if thrown into the dryer, so be sure to hang-dry your dresses from Old Navy every time you wash them. Learn it from me who learned it the hard way. 


I love what great blank canvas knit dresses tend to be. You can wear them on their own with very little to no accessories, or you can go all out and either dress them up or down. Converse shoes tend to look amazing with knit dresses, as do utility and denim jackets, and boyfriend style cardigans. 

I have pulled together some inspiration for y'all on how you can style your knit dress. I have also picked out some of my favorite knit dresses for you to shop, along with some jacket and shoe options for you. Happy Shopping!