Style Files #21 | Oceans 8

Hey, y'all! I have been loving the off-the-shoulder style this summer, a trend I admired last year but didn't think I would join in the fun. Then this year I just randomly decided to test the trend out, and now I own four tops and one dress in the off-the-shoulder style. What can I say? I'm definitely a fan. 


what iā€™m wearing | top [target on clearance] | jeans [zara via goodwill] | crossbody [street level via goodwill] | slides [target via goodwill] 

I have been daring in more than just my fashion choices this year. I actually went to the movie theater by myself last month to see a movie. You see, I almost went by myself several years ago when, Begin Again came out, but chickened out at the last minute when I was driving to the theater [instead I went shopping at the mall].

This year though, when Oceans 8 came out at the beginning of June, I knew that would have to go solo to the movie, as my siblings didn't want to go see it with me [my typical movie watching buddies]. Turns out, it isn't that bad going on your own to the movies. It can actually be kinda fun taking yourself to the movies. Btw, I loved Oceans 8, it was super fun and definitely one of my favorite Ocean films now.