Sheet Masks & Why I Love Them

Honestly, I’m lazy when it comes to doing face masks [or skincare in general]. But I do love the feeling of taking care of my skin and doing a face mask at the end of the night. But the whole process of doing a clay or another type of mask feels like such a chore, and can be a bit of a mess to do the whole process twice a week.


Enter sheet masks. They are easy to use, you don’t need to wash your face afterwards, and you can pick the mask that best suits your current face problems. Did you spend too much time in the sun? There is a mask for that. Is your skin feeling oily? Dry? Dull? They have sheet masks for those problems too.

I start off my evening skincare routine washing my makeup off and doing a double cleanse. Then I use my toner facial spray, a serum, moisturizer, and eye cream before picking out my sheet mask for the night. I like to do my whole skincare routine before doing my mask, that way I can go to bed watching some Netflix while doing my mask, then once it is done I just remove, toss, rub in the extra mask serum goodness into my skin and I’m ready to fall asleep. 


Brands Of Sheet Masks I’ve Loved Over The Years

Sephora Collection (My number one favorite brand and the ones I always like to always keep on hand)

Acure Organics (recent favorite, can be found at Target)

Simple Beauty (discovered theirs at the drugstore and I’m definitely a fan)

TonyMoly (Found at Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and Urban Outfitters)

Que Bella (I think this is exclusive to Target, it was also the first brand I ever tried out)

SNP (I think these are mostly found at Ulta Beauty) 

BioBelle (Ulta Beauty & Amazon) 

Anyways, I am weird and like to keep a collection of sheet masks on hand for what ever skin problems I may have. It is also nice to have extras on hand for others who may need one in a pinch. There was once a time I bought my masks as I needed them, but quickly realized that it was easier to stock up when my favorites went on sale. Yay for saving money.

Which reminds me, currently at Sephora their face masks are Buy 3, Get One Free

Have you tried out sheet masks? What are YOUR favorites?