Favorite Kristin Ess Products

Favorite Kristin Ess Products

There was a time when I wasn’t the biggest fan of using a bunch of haircare products. The ones I did try out only made my hair feel icky, or they were just alright products — nothing I was willing to repurchase, or keep backups of on hand. Then I discovered salon brand products and loved them, but didn’t love the price point. Enter Kristin Ess.

About a year-and-a-half ago or so, Kristin Ess came out with her own haircare and styling line at Target. I was obsessed with her work (she does Lauren Conrad & Lucy Hale’s hair), so I was excited to try her products out. Her products are simply top notch, but at drugstore prices. I haven’t disliked any of her products, and I always repurchase her stuff. I also always keep several cans of her dry shampoo on hand. What can I say? I really love it. I even keep several bottles open in different locations: one in the bathroom, one in my bedroom, and sometimes I throw one in my car or purse.


Cleansing & Color In-Shower Products

  • Purple Shampoo & Conditioner — When I colored my hair in November of 2017, I needed a purple shampoo to help cut the brassiness about a month later. Unfortunately, I reacted to Redken and wasn’t sure where to turn to next. Thankfully, Kirstin Ess announced that she was coming out with a purple shampoo and conditioner in February of 2018, so I purchased them as soon as they came out, and I haven’t looked back since. So yeah, I have almost exclusively used Kristin Ess since that day for my hair. Quick tip. Make sure you rinse your hair well after using her purple shampoo, as it will linger.

  • Signature Shampoo & Conditioner — When I don’t need to tone the brassiness in my hair, I use just her Signature shampoo and condition.

  • Frizz Management Cleansing Conditioner — When my hair was shorter, I would use this to enhance my natural waves/curls. I would use this instead of using shampoo.

  • Reconstructive Moisture Mask — Last Spring the ends of my hair were becoming dry, so I picked up this hair mask to help bring moisture back into my hair. It definitely worked, though don’t use it all the time, just once a week is fine.

  • Rose Gold Temporary Tint — When my blonde was really bright, this tint would temporarily tint my hair a rose color. Now that my hair is darker, it doesn’t work as well anymore for me.


Styling & Out-of-Shower Products

  • Leave-In Conditioner — I have been a fan of using a leave-in conditioner for years! My hair has always tangled when I don’t use it, ever since I was like twelve years old. The one I used before this one was pricey, so my wallet is definitely happy to have found this cheaper alternative that works just as well.

  • Curl Defining Creme — Another I product I love to use when I want to embrace my natural waves/curls.

  • Scalp + Hair Milk Oil — Help calm frizz, boost shine, and help add softness with this milk and oil combination. This product can be used on both wet and dry hair. 

  • Signature Gloss in Smoky Topaz — In-shower treatment that nourishes strands and restore vibrancy. Use it in-between salon visits or anytime your color looks too warm or “brassy”.

  • Dry Shampoo — I love, love, love that powder for this dry shampoo is translucent! It disappears in my dark hair, and sprays enough powder into my hair to last all day. Definitely a big fan of this product!

  • Dry Conditioner — Great for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but you want to style your old hair. Do a quick spray of this over your hair before flat ironing, or adding waves or curls to your hair — your hair will be fresh and almost like new.

  • Beach Wave Spray — Most beach wave sprays go on wet hair, and make my hair look oily. Not this one. It goes on dry hair, and if you don’t over spray, your hair will look like you spent the afternoon at the beach.

  • 3-In-One Flat Iron — [not pictured] I freaking love this flat iron. I used to have an Ulta Beauty Chi flat iron, was never the biggest fan of it, but it got the job done for several years. My hair looks so soft, shiny, and smooth after using this to style my hair. I’m definitely a huge fan of it. Highly recommend that you check this flat iron out if you are in the market for a new one.

If you use Kristin Ess’s line, what is your favorite product?