Shopping For Your Summer Wardrobe at Goodwill

I love shopping for new stuff at my local Goodwill’s every season. You never know what you will find, and sometimes you can find some real gems at the thrift store. Like a Coach leather tote bag for $4.50, or a Coach leather belt for 85 cents. Talk about amazing!


Keep a Thrift Store Shopping List

When I go shopping at Goodwill, I like to have a generalized list of what I’m keeping an eye out for on my shopping trips. Like: dark wash skinny jeans, crisp white button downs, cognac leather jacket, black skinny jeans, classy maxi dresses, etc…


Sometimes I will find nothing, some trips I will find maybe just one piece, while other trips I will walk out with one of their big bags. Just keep hunting, trying different days of the week, and times of day.


Sizing is always changing. One year for J.Crew you might be a size 4 skirt, but a design of a newer year you perhaps might be a size 2. So if a size looks bigger or smaller than normal, you might just want to try it on, it won't hurt to see if it fits ya. Also, look through the mens section too. Sometimes you will find woman's styles mixed in, or even some of the mens sizes might fit too.


This dress is an excellent example of trying on various sizes, as never know if it might work out. It is a Forever 21 Plus Sized in XXL. Since it is a wrap dress style, I am able to tie it smaller to fit me AND because it is a bigger size it gives me more length for my height. #winwin


I have recently discovered that I really like this style of skirts: it is flirty, girly, and shorter than I used to wear. I love them paired with a tee or sweater that is front tucked, denim jacket, and some fun flats. The outfit is perfect for church, brunch with the girls, or just for running errands around town.


This is one of my favorite Goodwill finds for this year — a leather Coach tote bag for only $4.50. Yes, there is some water damage to the leather, but I don’t mind that as it gives me less of a reason to baby the bag as I use her.


I love this fun and lightweight midi dress! You can easily dress it up, or down depending on the occasion. I feel like this will be a great option to bring with me on my weekend trip to L.A. this summer.

What are your tips for shopping at the thrift store? Also, what has been your best score?