Autumn Fashion Vibes // #FW 19/20

Autumn Fashion Vibes // #FW 19/20
Fall Fashion Trends 2019 Snake Print Leopard Print Plaid 90s.png

Hey, y’all! I am so excited for autumn weather, fashion, makeup, and just all the cozy things that come with the season. I have been eagerly getting ready for the season by doing some shopping at Goodwill during the month of September, and I found some real treasures: like a vintage camel dress wool coat, black & grey leopard print skirt, black & white buffalo check skirt, and a burgundy corduroy skirt. I’m still on the hunt for a few things, but more about that later. Let’s first talk about the trends I’m loving this year, and what I want to include into my wardrobe.


Animal Print — I have played with leopard print for years and love it, but you know I’m up for a change this year and I’m kinda loving snake print this year. I would love to play around with this trend if I can find it for a good price.

Tweed — I would love to find like a 90s tweed jacket, that is slightly oversized and if possible, not in a heavy thick wool. I think it would be really cute paired with high-waisted jeans, skirts, and a LBD.

90s Style — I’ve been really loving Rachel Green’s and Monica Gellar’s style on the TV show FRIENDS, and may or may not have picked up some skirts that remind me of them. But I would love to incorporate some 90s trends and makeup into my looks this autumn and winter that are inspired by them. Also, this fall is the 25th Anniversary of FRIENDS, so the prefect time to included it into my looks.

White Little Boots — This was an unexpected trend, that I oddly really love — wasn’t expecting that. I picked up some boots on a whim, and I really love how they look with skirts and dresses.

Fall Wish List

Cognac Leather Jacket — I have been on the hunt for one for over a year, heres to hoping I find one this year!

Snake Print Little Boots — I’m not sure if I will find a pair at Goodwill this fall, but who knows I might.

OTK Boots — I always stayed away for the over-the-knee boot trend, but I have some skirts now that would really cute with a pair. I love to find a pair of black OTK boots at either a local consignment shop, or Goodwill — the main problem will be finding a pair in my size.

Oversized Tweed Blazer — I have one oversized tweed blazer already, but is made out of a thick wool, so I easily overheat in it. It is also a little chunky to pair with certain outfits. So I would love to find one in a more lightweight fabric.

Flowy Polkadot or Star Print Dress/Top — I’ve spotted some really cute dresses and top that I have in mind at Goodwill, but sadly they have all been too small so far. But I’m really hoping one or two will pop up in one of my favorite local Goodwill stores.

What are y’all excited about for fall fashion?