4 Amazon Beauty and Fashion Picks

4 Amazon Beauty and Fashion Picks
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So I feel like most people shop on Amazon, like how I shop at Target. My solution to find anything is that, it can probably be found at Target, and I’m usually like, there is a coupon for that so, #steal. Anyways, there is a few things that I do absolutely love from Amazon, and would highly recommend that you check out if you are in the market.

Jade Roller $14.99

On the nights that my skin feels really tired, or my face is swollen, or I’ve just come back from a trip — I like to pamper my skin with lots of oils, serums, and moisturizers. That’s when the jade roller comes in handy, it helps get the blood flowing, helps the product sink into the skin, and helps with any puffiness you have. This isn’t a product that I use daily, mostly because I’m lazy, but I do like to occasionally treat my skin with this little tool.

Double O-Ring Buckle $13.98

I freaking love this belt. It holds up with daily use. Looks stylish and pairs well with various outfits. I’m a size 10 or 30 in jeans, and I wear a size M belt. Highly recommend this belt! Also, Amazon sometimes puts this on a lightening deal.

BEAKEY 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set $8.99

Using a makeup sponge is my favorite way to apply my foundation and concealer, when ever I apply makeup. Since I use a sponge to apply my makeup I’m picky, but cheap on what makeup sponges I do buy and use. I originally used the OG Beauty Blender [but that is expensive], then I used Real Techniques sponges [but I feel like the quality as slacked off the past couple of years]. I was using a Sonia Kashuk sponge, but once I discovered this 5 pack set of sponges I haven’t looked back. Each sponge is under $2, the sponge isn’t too dense, the color doesn’t bleed, and they feel similar to a Beauty Blender. If you love using a sponge to apply your makeup, definitely add this to your next Amazon cart.

Women's Padded Bandeau Bra $21.99 [for the three pack]

I had been on the hunt for a comfortable, but supportive strapless bra for awhile, but could never find anything that really worked. Then this past July when a fellow blogger shared these on her Instagram story, I immediately purchased them for my trip to LA. I have always loved what she recommends, and since purchasing them I’ve been wearing my off-the-shoulder, strappy, and low back tops/dresses ever since with a lot more comfort. Regrading sizing, I would say they run only a little small. I did order up a size, based on reviews and sometimes wish I had ordered my typical size.

What are some of your favorite things to purchase from Amazon?